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About Us

On Target Production's Story

One hot summer day in July of 2007, Tom Binns (On-Target's Videographer and Producer) and Larry Shields (On-Target's Host), were driving across a large gravel parking lot at Camp Perry, Ohio. Our conversation turned to the subject of our getting more involved in the shooting sports arena. We attended the annual National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio held by the NRA and the CMP, and on the way home, our conversation continued and became the initial idea for On Target Productions.

Tom had a successful career in videography and film production at the corporate level and enjoyed the shooting sports. Larry had an interesting career in the Federal Aviation Administration along with an avid interest in hunting and shooting. He gained military experience in Viet Nam where he returned as a Service Disabled Veteran.

That's where it all started. We followed up with a trip to the 2008 Shot Show in Las Vegas to gather data and research our idea. We came home excited about the possibility of producing top quality firearm disassembly and reassembly DVDs, but keeping the cost low enough to make it affordable for all.

In February of 2008 On-Target was formed, a website was designed, and our first DVD was produced with hopeful anticipation. We were delighted when our first DVD was met with such enthusiastic support. Thus encouraged, we continued producing top quality videography while keeping costs low. Presently we have produced over twenty DVDs, have a loyal following and requests for many more DVDs. We continue to research the interest level of the most popular firearms and produce several new ones each year. On-Target's DVDs are digitally produced and provide clear and concise instructions. All of us at
On-Target take great pride in the up-close videography and easy to understand instructions of each DVD.

And Remember, a clean Gun shoots "On-Target"

ON-TARGET PRODUCTIONS - is a firearms video (DVD) production company focused on the creation and marketing of high-quality instructional videos.
ON-TARGET's VIDEOS - are designed to educate enthusiasts about the selection, proper use, cleaning, disassembly/reassembly, and accessorizing of firearms.
- are unique in their quality (100% digital), composition (focused on the detail) and content (entertaining and educational).

Every video features clear, close-up photography to enhance the instructional narrative from start to finish.
- use crisp, vivid images to bring the firearms experience to life.
ON-TARGET PERSONNEL - can produce private labels and other contract work to promote your products.